Old Shenandoah County Photographs

Presented here are old photographs taken in Shenandoah County. They are identified to the best of our ability; however, there is room for improvement. So, if you can identify any of these better, please forward the information to [email protected] and we will incorporate the information here. Most of these pictures have been reduced in size (fewer bits) for web presentation. If requested, we may be able to provide some higher resolution images on an individual basis. Contact Paul. For many of these photographs the photographer is known.

Picture "names" below followed by a plus sign (+) have more than one photograph associated with the tag. To view additonal photos it is necessary to click the "next" button at the bottom right of each picture.

Old photos at Creekside

Charles Stoneburner's birthday supper 1928 +

In and around Edinburg

Madison District Honor Roll +

In and around Lantz Mills

Oldest known photo of village +
E. M. Clem: Store & Residence +
1938 Calander from Clem Estate
Postcard of Lantz Mill from across Creek
Same postcard, front only
Photograph of Lantz Mill
Lantz Mills Post Office
Lantz Mills from LM-Readus pike 1926 +
View of town from hill 1946 +
Lantz Mills from Hutchenson's 1946
George F Coffelt house (Union Forge School)
Lantz Mill Cornet Band
H & H Baseball Team

Following pictures are at Lantz
Mills Schoolhouse, which building
was later converted into a dwelling
for Billy Lantz & family.

Grades 1 to 8, year unknown
Grades 1 to 8, year unknown
Grades 1 to ?, year unknown
Grades 1 to 8, year unknown
Grades 1 to 8, photo dated April 1918
Same postcard, front only
Grades 6 & 7, photo dated April 1918
Same postcard, front only
Grades 6 & 7, photo dated Spring 1920
Same postcard, front only
Grades 1 to 8, photo dated 1924
Same postcard, front only
Lantz Mills school house 1939

Lantz Roller Mills Co

Mill Truck - 1917 Ford
Truck Registration papers
1922 Lantz Mill Calendar
Trunk replacement project 1925 +
Men working on Lantz Roller Mill dam 1932 +
Breached dam 1955 +
Lantz Roller Mills 1955
Water wheel 1957
Swinging foot bridge above mill 1957
Waiting for Auction 1959
Post in Mill
Flour Packer

In and around Calvary & Narrow Passage

Calvary Church +
Mt Calvary School
Narrow Passage Mill +
Narrow Passage Railroad Bridge +
Joseph Sheetz house +
George Sheetz house


Album of Wm H Stoneburner (1829-1882) Family
Seven children of Charles Lee Stoneburner (1860-1929)
Sisters Grace & Nannie Rush
Mary Stoneburner & ?
Wm Stoneburner 1939 +
William H Stoneburner 1967
Nannie & Karalee Stoneburner 1967
Nannie Stoneburner 1967
Noah H. Rush & Descendants 1953 +
Picnic w/ Elizabeth Stoneburner 1937 +
David Fillmore Stoneburner when young
Annie Elizabeth Fadley aged 16 or 18
Carrie Fadley and daughter ca. 1892
Phil Stoneburner reading paper 1926
D F Stoneburner clan 1938
Phil Stoneburner family 1926
Hugh Stoneburner with "Rauleigh" Ford - 1926
Portrait of Walter Stoneburner ca. 1902
Walter Stoneburner 1895
Rebecca Hoover 1932 +
Arthur & Hugh Stoneburner ca. 1893
Annie Eliz. Fadley Stoneburner 1892
Walter L Stoneburner 1878 or 79
Paul Stoneburner at hand pump 1945
Stoneburner kids on bridge 1949
Ada Stoneburner shaking hands w/self +
Ada Stoneburner 1926
Memorial to Hollar family at Union Forge
Margaret and Mate Clem 1917 +
Philip Marcus Grandstaff
Rosa Mary Grandstaff Stoneburner
Robert E. Lee Stoneburner
Mabel Coe Stoneburner +

In and around Strasburg

Hist of St Paul's Lutheran +

In and around Toms Brook

Parsonage +

In and around Woodstock

Emanuel Lutheran parsonage 1938 +
Woodstock Garage 1945 +
Woodstock School Bldg. 1945
Emanuel Episcopal Church 1957 +
Court House 1957
Woodstock historical sign
Tom's Park 1958 +
Massanutten Cadets 1938 +
Pan from Woodstock Tower 1938 +

Miscellaneous Venues

Mill at Zeus, VA 1939 +
Marshall Schoolhouse 1967 +
Broad Run Mill 1957
Old Stone Bridge 1957 +
Jerome 1946 +
Road betw Riverton and Strasburg 1932
Old Shenandoah River bridge 1930


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