Narrow Passage Railroad Bridge
Photo taken 29 Jul 1928 by CFS

"The new Narrow Passage bridge.
"The last span of the new bridge at Narrow Passage on the Southern Railway, near Edinburg, was placed in position on Sunday by the workmen of the American Bridge Company, but the bridge will not be turned over to the company before the latter part of December. It is the longest bridge on the road between Washington and Harrisonburg, and when completed will cost the company about $45,000. At the highest point it is 105 feet to the ground from the rails. The new bridge is massive and compact, and will last many years. It will be recalled that on the night of March 6, 1876, that a terible railroad accident occurred at Narrow passage bridge. The freight train going east, heavily laden with rock and mixed freight, ran onto the bridge and as the engine reached the center of the bridge which was about 300 ft. wide and 114 high, the trestle work gave way and entire train of cars, was precipitated in amass of ruins. There were eighteen men aboard, eleven of whom were killed and the remaining seven wounded."
-- paper of November 12, 1909 as reprinted in The Shenandoah Valley-Herald's "YesterYears" section Fri, 13 Nov 2009 pA4. [All spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, etc. copied verbatim from 2009 version.]

Accident Details

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