Group standing in Arthur Stoneburner's yard at Readus, VA
back row:
1. Ruth Hoover Stoneburner, wife of Walter Lee (deceased)
2. ?
3. David Fillmore "Phil" Stoneburner, father of this group
4. Cora Agnes "Agie" Sine Stoneburner, Arthur's wife
5. Hugh Samuel Stoneburner, Phil's youngest son
6. Arthur Elmer Stoneburner, Phil's second son
7. Carl Francis Stoneburner, Walter L's son
front row:
1. Virginia Marie Sine, Aunt Agie's niece
2. Olive Elizabeth "Elizabeth" Stoneburner, Arthur's daughter
3. Ida Eliz. Smith Stoneburner, Hugh's wife

Photo taken 1 Jan 1926 by CFS

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