Mill at Zeus, VA

I am indebted to Mr. Douglas Hawkins of West Linn ORE for the following information sent to me in July of 2006:

This mill is located in Madison County, Virginia, on Deep Run and less than a half-mile northwest of US-29, and has been in my family since an ownership interest was acquired by my great-grandfather in 1862. Currently, it is owned by my brother (a UVa graduate and member of historic Hebron Lutheran Church).

The names Wayland's Mill, Era Mill, Company Mill, and Hawkins' Mill have also been used to describe the 18-acre property upon which the mill is situated. After a U.S. Post Office was established at the mill in the early 20th century, and assigned the name "Zeus," the mill slowly but surely became known by the name of the post office.

The mill and post office operated until the mid-1940s. The post office was then disestablished and the mill structure was salvaged for its wood and timbers; since then the stone foundation has gone to ruin.

In the close up picture of the entrance to the post office (located in the mill's office), you can see the sign that refers to my grandmother, Lila Belle Hawkins, who was postmistress till the day it closed.

The photo of the mill race with the side of a building in the foreground captures the fish-shaped weather vane on the roof of the cooper's shop. I have on display in my home the metal template used to stencil the barrels that were made there.

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