LMCornetBand E.jpg
Lantz Mill Cornet Band
Courtesy Bill Barber

Band organized 11 Jan 1898. This photo appears on a postcard written by David Oscar
Coffelt to his sister, Mary Magdaline Coffelt, prior to her marriage on 9 Mar 1910.

Note: This group appears much too large for the Lantz's Mill band. Its size appears
greater than the entire male population of Lantz's Mill. Most likely a meeting of several bands.
Observe the lettering on the partial drum at the far left side held by #3. The "RG" at the
bottom as well as letter size and placement suggest that this drum says "Strasburg VA" also
letter in front of "R" looks like could be "U". And there is yet a third such drum held by #37.

Can you identify any of the musicians for us? Contact: Paul: [email protected]

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