Woodstock Garage on US11 in Woodstock, VA
seen from east side of highway
Photo taken 15 Sep 1945 by CFS

CELEBRATING 40 - Reprint from 24 Jun 1965
The Woodstock Garage Inc., which today, July 1, marks its 40th anniversary, has evolved from a small repair garage into a leading automotive sales and servide agency. The firm first opened under the direction of Harold Morrison Jr. in 1925 doing general repair work to all makes and models. Today, 40 years later, it not only renders general repair work to different makes and models, but also sells Chryslers, Plymouths, Valiants and Imperials. What's more, the firm has undergone what might be called five major expansion programs since its beginning at the same location it occupies on North Main Street across from Woodstock Elementary School. -- Shenandoah Valley Herald - Fri, 26 Jun 2015 - pg. A4.

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